Division semi-finals picks

After finishing the season with a 5-0 week I ended up at 58-23, slightly ahead of my Addicted to Lacrosse co-hosts and ahead of everyone from IL Indoor except Bob Chavez, which whom I ended up tied. I like to think I have some insight into the NLL but let’s face it, much of that is luck and the fact that the parity in the league has diminished in the past year. That won’t stop me from bragging about it though!

I went to a local Chinese food place for lunch today and got this fortune in my fortune cookie, which bodes well for the Rock and Roughnecks, not to mention myself:


Only 8 more games (plus up to 3 mini-games) left. Not sure how the mini-games are going to work – if I pick the same team to win games 1 and 2 then I don’t even think a mini-game will happen so how can I make a pick for it? Alternatively, if I think it will happen and make a pick and it doesn’t happen at all, does that count as an incorrect pick? I’ll probably just fold the mini-games into game 2 and consider it an overtime period. Or something. I’ll have to play that one by ear.

Final regular season record: 58-23 (.716)
Record: 0-0 (.000)

COL @ CAL Tough one. Dillon Ward can certainly steal (HA) a game for the Mammoth but when Mike Poulin is on he’s near unbeatable. Both teams have lots of offense – as Ty Pilson pointed out, Colorado’s offense was missing some key players for a number of games, but then again Scott Ranger was missing for half of this season as well. Going with my gut on this one. Roughnecks5
BUF @ TOR I have to say I’m a little nervous about this game as a Rock fan. The Rock have been playing well and I think that will continue but the Bandits have been given a second chance and will be hungry for that elusive win. They have a winning record in Toronto and nobody wants to see John Tavares lose the last NINE games of his career (assuming he retires after this season, and AFAIK that has not yet been decided). Plus it sounds like everyone but Bandit fans (and even some of those) has already given this game to the Rock, and the Bandits won’t like that. I’m still picking the Rock but it’s not the slam dunk that others think it might be. Rock53

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