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From 2012 until 2021, I wrote a weekly column for From 2018-2020, the column was called Stats Central. Every week, I would go into detail about specific interesting or trending statistics and the meanings behind the numbers.

From 2012-2017, my column was called The Money Ballers, and every week I examined the clutch goals that occur in each game.

I also wrote one article in 2019 and two in 2020 for Lacrosse Flash.

Here is an archive of my articles.

October 2021 – IL Indoor

October 5, 2021: It’s always about more than numbers, but John Grant Jr.’s were really, really good

November 2020 – Lacrosse Flash

November 27, 2020: How the Merrill-Iannucci Trade Shaped the Future of the NLL

October 2020 – IL Indoor

October 27, 2020: Discussion: How To Define ‘Generational talent’ in the NLL

August 2020 – Lacrosse Flash

August 13, 2020: Checking in on each NLL team’s off-season acquisitions

2019-2020 Season – Stats Central

Dec 3, 2019: Blowout games present tricky scenarios
Dec 10, 2019: Statistics and the things we don’t like about them
Dec 16, 2019: What can we do with the new plus/minus stat?
Dec 24, 2019: Don’t underestimate impact of NLL rookies
Dec 31, 2019: Is expansion related to low-scoring NLL games?
Jan 14, 2020: Examining the sophomore surges
Jan 21, 2020: Sophomore slumps in NLL are real but so are the rebounds
Jan 28, 2020: A closer look at game-winning goals
Feb 4, 2020: Some days are better than others in the NLL
Feb 11, 2020: NLL’s time on floor stat a good indicator of player’s effectiveness
Feb 18, 2020: Record rally for Halifax comes with plenty of lessons
Feb 25, 2020: With NLL Scoring Down, Let’s Explore Why
Mar 3, 2020: Let’s make the loose ball even more valuable
Mar 10, 2020: Goal differential in the NLL can tell us stories but it can’t explain everything
Mar 16, 2020: Playing with lead isn’t as important as finishing with lead in the NLL
Mar 25, 2020: The Gait brothers and their numbers stand alone
Mar 31, 2020: Buffalo Bandits hold gold standard of winning streaks
Apr 7, 2020: Projecting what might have been this NLL season
Apr 15, 2020: Let’s talk domination in the NLL
Apr 21, 2020: It’s Championship or bust in the NLL
Apr 28, 2020: Want to win a championship? Start by winning your division
Season suspended


2018-2019 Season – Lacrosse Flash

April 9, 2019: The “Almost” Comeback in the NLL

2018-2019 Season – Stats Central

Dec 17, 2018: Is home cooking really better?
Dec 24, 2018: Breaking down the 50-goal season
Jan 1, 2019: The real measure of a real MVP
Jan 8, 2019: How important is scoring the first goal?
Jan 15, 2019: Expansion teams aren’t what they used to be
Jan 22, 2019: 2005 Toronto Rock offence was special at the time, unequalled since
Jan 30, 2019: Delving into the doubleheader weekend impact on winning and losing
Feb 5, 2019: Digging deeper into double-header weekends
Feb 12, 2019: Double-digit scoring takes center stage
Feb 18, 2019: Band of brothers in the NLL
Feb 26, 2019: The real impact of one-goal games
Mar 5, 2019: Breaking down the greatest rivalries
Mar 13, 2019: Overtime games and what they can mean
Mar 19, 2019: The ups and downs of goalie stats
Mar 26, 2019: From where do NLL players come?
April 2, 2019: Are JT’s records unbreakable?
April 9, 2019: Value of power play goes beyond volume
April 16, 2019: The eternal debate of right vs. left
May 2, 2019: From first to worst, and worst to first
May 7, 2019: Defense isn’t more important but it’s still important
May 14, 2019: A closer look at turnovers
May 21, 2019: Goal scoring runs can make or break your team

2017-2018 Season – Stats Central

Dec 11, 2017: The Ups and Downs of Scoring in the NLL
Dec 18, 2017: Examining the value of the loose ball
Dec 26, 2017: It’s early but scoring is soaring in the NLL
Jan 1, 2018: Change of scenery can have big impact
Jan 8, 2018: Transition offense? Don’t leave it behind
Jan 14, 2018: Elite scorers have their moments
Jan 21, 2018: Who takes on power-play roles?
Jan 29, 2018: You’re not just imagining that some arenas award more caused turnovers
Feb 5, 2018: What’s behind the caused turnover statistic
Feb 11, 2018: A closer look at the most productive pairs
Feb 19, 2018: How valuable are quick starts to games?
Feb 26, 2018: Attendance trends of the NLL
Mar 5, 2018: How big of an impact can mid-season trades have?
Mar 12, 2018: Fewer NLL fights beg the question of why
Mar 19, 2018: When goalies offer a helping hand
Mar 26, 2018: Unassisted goals and the men who score them
Apr 9, 2018: The second assist and its impact
Apr 15, 2018: Transition goals don’t always translate to wins
Apr 23, 2018: Revisiting the Money Ballers
Apr 30, 2018: Calgary’s Currier joins elite rookie company

2017-2018 Playoffs

May 6, 2018: Crunching NLL playoff numbers
May 15, 2018: Bye weeks are hit and miss when it comes to Ws and Ls
May 28, 2018: So really, which defense is best?
June 11, 2018: When it comes to dynasties, Rush fit the bill

2017 Season – The Moneyballers

Jan 9, 2017: Logan Schuss is leader out of gate
Jan 16, 2017: OT winner propels Colorado’s McLaughlin to week 3 crown
Jan 23, 2017: Buffalo’s Priolo is winner of the week
Jan 30, 2017: Evans wins week as Schuss bolts to overall lead
Feb 6, 2017: Culp takes weekly honor as Schuss hangs on to overall lead
Feb 14, 2017: Colorado’s Adams wins weekly title
Feb 20, 2017: Georgia’s Kiel Matisz leads the league this week
Feb 27, 2017: Adam Jones’ overtime goal wins him the weekly crown
Mar 6, 2017: Buffalo’s Dhane Smith is week 10 winner
Mar 15, 2017: OT winner lifts Saskatchewan’s McIntosh to this week’s crown
Mar 20, 2017: Black Wolves dominate at top of table
Mar 27, 2017: Rookie Reinholdt makes his statement
Apr 3, 2017: Small comes up big in win for Vancouver Stealth
Apr 10, 2017: Dinsdale joins Evans and Dickson as leaders
Apr 17, 2017: Overall lead for Evans being tested
Apr 24, 2017: Dawson wins weekly award for plucky Knighthawks
May 1, 2017: Small wins week 18 but Evans is overall champ for season

2017 Playoffs

May 8, 2017: Crawford emerges in clutch for Colorado
May 22, 2017: Analysis: Matthews, Church share top pace in Money Ballers race
June 12, 2017: Miles Thompson sets the standard

2016 Season – The Moneyballers

Jan 4, 2016: Church, Grant, Thompson set early pace
Jan 11, 2016: Dhane Smith’s winner for Buffalo puts him out front for Week 2
Jan 18, 2016: Colorado’s Jones vaults into top spot with Buffalo’s Smith
Jan 25, 2016: Buffalo’s Dhane Smith taking control
Feb 1, 2016: Jackson fuels big weekend for Swarm
Feb 8, 2016: Georgia’s Staats gets in on the act
Feb 15, 2016: Jamieson, Crawford emerge as leaders
Feb 22, 2016: Buffalo’s Smith maintains No. 1 pace
Feb 29, 2016: Crowley, King join the party
Mar 7, 2016: Dawson cashes in for weekly win
Mar 14, 2016: Keogh comes through for Knighthawks
Mar 21, 2016: Welcome to the club, Mark Matthews
Mar 28, 2016: Crawford closing in on overall leader Dhane Smith
Apr 4, 2016: Rob Hellyer gets in on act to share weekly title with Dhane Smith
Apr 11, 2016: Why not, Shawn Evans?
Apr 18, 2016: Buffalo’s Dhane Smith maintains comfortable lead
Apr 25, 2016: Steenhuis takes weekly honors
May 2, 2016: Surprise, surprise … the Great Dhane is your winner

2016 Playoffs

May 9, 2016: Calgary’s Dickson sets early leader pace
May 23, 2016: Division finals edition: Dickson maintains overall lead
June 6, 2016: Champion’s Cup: Church claims playoff title

2015 Season – The Moneyballers

Jan 6, 2015: It’s crowded at the top… for now
Jan 13, 2015: Shawn Evans rises in Week 2
Jan 19, 2015: Resetarits wins weekly title but Grant maintains overall lead
Jan 26, 2015: Calgary’s Evans moves into top spot
Feb 2, 2015: Evans maintains overall lead
Feb 9, 2015: Benesch gaining ground on overall leader Evans
Feb 16, 2015: Matthews takes top spot
Feb 23, 2015: Hellyer wins the week but Evans maintains overall lead
Mar 2, 2015: Hellyer emerges as new leader
Mar 9, 2015: OT winner pushes Veltman to top
Mar 16, 2015: Buffalo’s Benesch gaining ground
Mar 23, 2015: Bilic throws his hat into ring
Mar 30, 2015: Toronto’s Hickey rises to top
Apr 6, 2015: Easter weekend winner is Church
Apr 13, 2015: Benesch is new overall leader
Apr 20, 2015: Benesch maintains overall lead
Apr 27, 2015: Benny’s the man to beat
May 4, 2015: Benesch wins 2015 title

2015 Playoffs

May 11, 2015: Dawson sets early pace
May 18, 2015: Dawson maintains overall lead
May 25, 2015: Calgary’s Evans is top clutch man, for now
June 8, 2015: Matthews is your playoff champ

In 2014, reorganized their site, which broke the formatting of most of the articles from 2014 and before. Titles are truncated, there are large sections of whitespace, and pictures are missing.

2014 Season – The Moneyballers

Dec 30, 2013: Knighthawks’ Joel McCready emerges as the early leader after week 1
Jan 6, 2014: Big Saturday puts Colorado’s Adam Jones at top of leaderboard
Jan 13, 2014: Young guns shine in week 3 but wily veteran Tavares emerges on top
Jan 20, 2014: Ratcliff takes win for the week but can’t knock JT from top spot
Jan 27, 2014: Colorado’s John Grant Jr. moves to top of table with overtime heroics
Feb 3, 2014: Big weekend pushes Billings to weekly win; Grant remains overall leader
Feb 10, 2014: Dane Dobbie is clutch this week but Grant remains top money man
Feb 17, 2014: Riley the Rookie takes top spot for week, but Jr. maintains overall lead
Feb 24, 2014: Calgary’s Dobbie gets his 2nd weekly win to gain ground on Grant
Mar 3, 2014: Up and down weekend gives us four-way tie at top, Grant remains leader
Mar 10, 2014: Grant’s help in the clutch for Mammoth keeps him at top of MB chart
Mar 17, 2014: Grant maintains his spot at the top but the gap is closing
Mar 24, 2014: Career game sends Philadelphia’s Crowley to top of weekly list
Mar 31, 2014: Colorado’s Grant builds on lead in overall standings as Dobbie pursues
April 7, 2014: Dane Dobbie’s big weekend pushes John Grant out of No. 1 spot
April 14, 2014: Mammoth’s John Grant Jr. finds himself in a familiar spot at top
April 21, 2014: Dickson makes big push to gain ground on Grant and Dobbie
April 28, 2014: Colorado’s John Grant emerges… (Unfortunately, I did not update this page before the reorg, so I don’t know the full original title of this article.)

2014 Playoffs

May 5, 2014: OT heroics push Shawn Evans to front of list
May 12, 2014: 3 way tie for weekly lead can’t push Calgary’s Evans from top spot
May 19, 2014: Calgary’s Shawn Evans extends lead at top of standings
May 26, 2014: Calgary’s Shawn Evans closing in on title for 2014 season
June 2, 2014: Calgary’s Shawn Evans outpaces all challengers for 2014 crown

2013 Season – The Moneyballers

Jan 14, 2013: Toronto’s Kasey Beirnes sets the early pace for NLL’s 2013 season
Jan 21, 2013: Buffalo’s Williams emerges as No. 1 overall after thriller in Rochester
Jan 28, 2013: Toronto Rock’s Beirnes rises to top of table after NLL’s busy weekend
Feb 4, 2013: Rock’s Doyle and Beirnes share top honors for overall lead
Feb 11, 2013: Dickson takes top weekly honors, Biernes is overall leader
Feb 18, 2013: Calgary’s Dickson takes overall lead with 7 point weekend
Feb 25, 2013: Merrill wins top honors for week as Dickson maintains lead
Mar 4, 2013: Williams wins weekly honor to join crowded leaderboard
Mar 11, 2013: Mammoth’s McBride, Rock’s Billings at top of charts
Mar 18, 2013: Greer takes top spot for week as Billings keeps overall lead
Mar 25, 2013: Calgary’s Curtis Dickson takes control of overall standings
Apr 1, 2013: Dobbie, Dickson reppin’ the Roughnecks at top of the table
Apr 8, 2013: Duch, Crawford, and Westervelt at top of crowded leaderboard
Apr 15, 2013: Dan Dawson takes weekly win, Dickson maintains overall lead
Apr 22, 2013: Calgary’s Curtis Dickson wraps up title in dominant fashion
Apr 26, 2013: Taking a closer look at top Money Ballers in various categories

2013 Playoffs

Apr 29, 2013: Stealth teammates Bucktooth, Ratcliff set pace for playoffs
May 6, 2013: Stealth’s Rhys Duch shoots to top of standings for NLL playoffs
May 13, 2013: Craig Point, Rhys Duch share top postseason honors for 2013

In October 2012, I wrote an article on Calgary Roughneck forward Scott Ranger and how he deals with Type 1 diabetes. This article was featured on IL Indoor.

2012 Season – The Moneyballers

Jan 16, 2012: Lots of goals, just one leader
Jan 23, 2012: That’s more like it: Close games, low scores, and overtime
Jan 30, 2012: We’ve learned to expect the unexpected so far this season in the NLL
Feb 6, 2012: Clutch Duch strikes again but Grant still leads
Feb 13, 2012: Benny turns on Jets in weekend sweep for Minnesota Swarm
Feb 20, 2012: Shattler leads the way
Feb 27, 2012: Suddons ventures into uncharted territory as an offensive threat
Mar 5, 2012: Accursi makes big move up the list but Grant maintains his overall lead
Mar 12, 2012: Pollock leads Mammoth to win, Dawson puts the Wings on top in East
Mar 19, 2012: Tavares and Williams hit milestones as Dan Dawson takes over lead
Mar 26, 2012: Philadelphia’s Mundorf emerges as new leader after big weekend
Apr 2, 2012: Grant Jr. regains overall lead as Billings is tops for the weekly standings
Apr 9, 2012: Ross is king for a weekend, but Junior, Dawson are all tied up at top
Apr 16, 2012: Veteran Accursi, rookie Gillam tie for top spot honors in Week 15
Apr 23, 2012: It’s a frantic fight to the finish heading into NLL’s final weekend
Apr 30, 2012: Keogh is the weekly winner, but John Grant Jr. wins overall season title
May 2, 2012: Who are the best Money Ballers by position? Steenhuis and Bold are among the leaders

2012 Playoffs

May 7, 2012: Three-way tie gets NLL postseason party started
May 14, 2012: Rochester’s Walters shines in the postseason party
May 21, 2012: Rochester’s Cody Jamieson tops ‘em all


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