Finals game 1 pick

Second last pick of the season! I still haven’t decided who I think will win it all, but I’ve made my pick for game 1. I think winning game 1 gives you a huge advantage, so I guess I’ve kind of made my final pick, but we’ll see how this weekend’s game goes first.

Final regular season record: 58-23 (.716)
Record: 5-3 (.625)

ROC @ CAL Like I said, I’m not 100% convinced that the Roughnecks are my pick to win it all. But neither are the Knighthawks. It sounds like both teams will be healthy again, with Dan Dawson returning to the Knighthawks and Geoff Snider returning to the Roughnecks. Either goalie can steal a game even if the rest of the team doesn’t play that well. I imagine that between this game and the next, we might see the best lacrosse of the season, though topping last week’s Calgary/Edmonton games might be tough.

I think both the drama and excitement of last weekend’s almost-comeback and mini-game victory and the fact that they’re at home in front of an almost-if-not-complete sellout will push the Roughnecks to a game 1 victory.


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