Welcome to NLL Chatter!

Welcome to my new lacrosse home at nllchatter.com. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Graeme Perrow, and I’ve been a Toronto Rock and National Lacrosse League fan since the 2001 season. I have been writing on my own personal blog (called Cut the Chatter, Red Two – see what I did there? They both have Chatter in the name! I’m so clever) for almost seven years, though not everything was about lacrosse. Over the last year or two, I’ve started writing a lot more about lacrosse, both on my blog and on a couple of other sites as well. A number of people who read my personal blog aren’t lacrosse fans, and the people who read my lacrosse postings may not care about my non-lacrosse articles, so I thought it was time I created my own place on the web to publish stuff specifically about lacrosse and the NLL. I’m glad you’ve found it and I hope you enjoy it!

What to expect

I am a fan of the National Lacrosse League, so the majority of the articles I post here will be on the NLL and its teams and players and such. I may touch on other lacrosse leagues as well from time to time, such as the MLL, CLax, and NALL. I am a Toronto Rock season ticket holder, so I attend all of the Rock home games and I will be posting a game review after each one. I will also try to post game reviews of the Rock’s away games, as long as I have a chance to watch the game on TV or online. I live fairly close to Buffalo as well so I may make it down to a few Bandits games and post reviews of those, as well as any other games I watch.

I expect to write one or two articles a week, maybe more, during the season. During the off-season there won’t be much unless there is some news like a trade or announcement from the league, though I don’t expect to go completely dormant.

Before the season starts, I’m planning on doing some preview articles, listing the changes to each team since the end of last season and how I see things unfolding in the coming season. I will also do all the normal sports blog stuff like analyzing trades and rule changes; making predictions on standings, playoff results, and award winners (and pointing out when I get things right while ignoring when I get things wrong); complaining and the occasional whine; and stuff like that. I love stats, so there will likely be a fair bit of looking over statistics, though I promise there won’t be any serious math going on. There may even be pictures, videos, interviews with players and executives and such, who knows.

I make no apologies for being a Rock fan, but I do like to think of myself as fair and relatively unbiased. I’m not one of those homers that thinks every penalty that goes against my team is a bad call, every goal scored by an opposing player is lucky, and every opposing player that checks a player on my team is dirty. I will also do less whining about referees than you might find elsewhere (though I did not say “no whining about referees”). Please feel free to call me out on this if you think I’ve said something that goes against these “policies”.

Comments on articles are welcome and encouraged, whether you agree with what I say or not; in fact, sometimes it’s more fun if you disagree. I will not censor or delete comments as long as they are civil, but comments that contain personal attacks will be deleted. You can also email me at graeme AT nllchatter DOT com and follow @GraemePerrow on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy my little slice of the lacrosse world, and let the chatter begin!


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