Week 1 pick

Last season was the first one where I made predictions on each and every game. I picked 31 winners out of 72 games, or 43%, which means that if I flipped a coin for each one rather than looking at the teams and players and doing some actual analysis, I would probably have had a higher percentage.

My goal for this season is to beat last season, and if all goes well, I might even hit the elusive 50% mark.

Record: 0-0 (.000)




ROC @ WAS On IL Indoor, Ty Pilson broke down this game, and ranked both teams even on defense, goaltending, coaching, and intangibles. He gave the Knighthawks a slight edge on offense. I might have ranked the Knighthawks goaltending a little higher than that of the Stealth, but otherwise I agree with Ty. It’s a testament to the parity of the league that you can have a game this even between last year’s champions and the only team that didn’t make the playoffs.
I think the Stealth will be better than last year, but I have to give this one to the defending champs.

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