Presenting your 2014 Boston Blazers


As I have done the previous two years, here’s what could be the tenth NLL team, made up entirely of players not currently on an NLL team. These are players who were released, are on practice rosters, or are otherwise unaccounted for on the final rosters released today. It does not include those on the IR, PUP, or holdout lists, or those who have retired. As the NLL teams had to do, I came up with 20 players, and because there were some pretty decent players cut from this list, I added a practice squad as well.

This is, quite honestly, a pretty damned good team. Sure, there are lots of veterans and players that might have lost a step, and they may not match up against the 2007 Knighthawks or 2005 Rock, but when you have teams barely over .500 winning the Championship, a team like this could do very well. In a ten team league, I doubt I’d be picking the Blazers to finish last and they could easily make the playoffs. It’s hard to believe that every player here is unemployed.


Mike Accursi
Joel Delgarno
Scott Evans
Dean Hill
Derek Hopcroft
Athan Iannucci
Gavin Prout
Roger Vyse
Luke Wiles


Kyle Hartzell
Jarrett Park
Paul Rabil
Jarrett Toll


Scott Carnegie
Rory Glaves
Ian Hawksbee
Mike McNamara
Jeff Reynolds


Dan Lewis
Brandon Miller (technically still a franchise player in Philly, but he meets all the criteria above)

Practice Squad

Ryan Hotaling
Brendan Thenhaus (has appeared on both of the previous lists)
Aaron Pascas
Neil Tyacke


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