Presenting your 2013 Boston Blazers

BlazersOne of my earliest articles on this blog was a list of players that would be playing in the NLL had the Blazers not folded. This list came from players who I thought were good enough to play in the NLL but were not on NLL rosters. Just like last year, this year’s list includes players who were cut or appear on practice squads, but not those who are injured, are on holdout lists, or have retired.


Alex Gajic
Derek Hopcroft
Cam Sedgwick – Oops, retired
Brett Hickey
Jamie Shewchuk
Brendan Thenhaus (interestingly, appeared on last year’s list too before being picked up by the Rock)
Roger Vyse
Jeff Zywicki


Tom Montour


Brendan Doran
Travis Hill
Ian Llord
Eric Martin
Kevin Ross


Angus Goodleaf
Chris Seidel


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